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Support Tesla’s Proposal for a Supercharger in Jasper, AB
by Engage Tesla
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  • Trevor

    I visit Jasper every year, and driving from Edmonton can just barely make it on a charge. Once I'm in Jasper, I'm restricted in where I can stay since not all the hotels have destination chargers, and since I'm arriving with pretty much an empty "tank", I can't drive anywhere and do anything until the car has had 8 or 10 hours to recharge. Having a Supercharger in Jasper would be a huge benefit, allowing me much more freedom to explore the area and partake in all the area has to offer, and it would make me much more likely to visit Jasper more often instead of driving pretty much the same distance to go to Banff/Canmore. From Edmonton, there are 3 Superchargers on the way to Canmore (including Canmore, 4 if you include the one in Edmonton) but to go the same distance from Edmonton there are zero. To Banff is a worry-free trip, to Jasper is white-knuckle in good weather and frankly impossible in any temperatures much below zero for my car. As well, being located in a national park and being so connected to the amazing natural environment, it's a no-brainer to me that Jasper should be on the front lines of helping people make the switch to a lower-impact, electric transportation future.

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