I live in California - but thanks to our love of Canada and the completion of Superchargers across the Tran-Canada Highway recently, we are planning a trip this summer that will go across the US to Nova Scotia and then back via the Trans-Canada. Jasper via the famous Icefields Parkway is the one significant detour off the TCH that we very much hoped we could take - but without a Supercharger we may not. We hope to travel on the Yellowhead Highway in a future trip - which would again need a Supercharger in Jasper. Electric vehicles, particularly Teslas, are the future... and are necessary to combat global warming - and really any place that wants to be visited a few years from now should have a robust charging infrastructure. With the natural beauty of a place like Jasper - tucked away in a mountain valley - the need to reduce smog is an immediate need over and above global warming and tourism concerns. My wife and I will be watching to see if when and if Jasper installs charging infrastructure particularly Superchargers.

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