Hello Jasper City Council We drive our Tesla Vehicle from Vancouver to Edmonton every year and follow a route from Vancouver to Hope to Merritt to Kamloops to Revelstoke to Golden to Canmore to Balzac to Red Deer to Edmonton. We take this longer route because TESLA has Superchargers on this route even though the route through JASPER would be shorter. We stop in each of these locations and usually buy a meal and sometimes stay overnight. Drivers of Battery Powered Electric Vehicles like Tesla Model S usually spend about TWELVE DOLLARS to drive 400 kilometers and the fuelling cost for this trip costs us about THIRTY SIX DOLLARS rather than the TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS that a fossil fuelled vehicle would cost us EACH WAY. Consequently we have more money to spend where we stop. Wouldn't you like us to spend some of that money in JASPER ? Let TESLA Install the supercharger and we will come and visit JASPER.

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