Hello Jasper City Council, We used to come to Jasper from the Lower Mainland about once a year with our Camper to enjoy the abundant Wildlife and great Scenery. Since we now have an older Tesla we found it very difficult to drive through Jasper National Park to Jasper and back out again. Two years ago we had to call a Manager at a famous Jasper Hotel for permission to use their Level 2 Tesla Charger (the Hotel was fully booked and we had to stay in a Cabin at a very nice location just south of Jasper). Last year we decided not to go through the same trouble again. Having a local Supercharger available would entice us to visit your wonderful Town once or twice a year again. We feel it is very important for a Location like yours to help reduce the pollution (Noise and Air!) and support the use of Electric Vehicles and Power Tools (Cars, Bus, Utility and Garden and Lawn care. Our 4 EV family is hopeful that you embrace this opportunity to help us and future Generation to enjoy Jasper's fresh air. With kind regards The Hauser Family

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