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Support Tesla’s Proposal for a Supercharger in Jasper, AB
by Engage Tesla
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  • David

    Twice a year I travel from Kelowna, BC to Edmonton, AB and back. To do this in a reasonable time frame I make use of existing superchargers along Hwy1 through the Rockies and north from Calgary via Hwy 2. For variation I would like to do this via Jasper, but currently this involves very long stops for charging. From Jasper I would have the opportunity to visit family north of Hinton as well as travel along Hwy 93 (Icefields Parkway) to Lake Louise. Add in supercharging along Hwy 16 to Tete Jaune Cache and south along Hwy 5 to Kamloops and I would have a second viable travel solution (with our Tesla). From a strictly practical viewpoint, planned highway upgrades east of Golden will involve significant delays along the primary travel route through the Rockies and detours through Radium. Additional supercharged routes (such as via Jasper) would alleviate problems for Tesla owners driving between Edmonton and BC