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Support Tesla’s Proposal for a Supercharger in Jasper, AB
by Engage Tesla
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  • Julie

    I was beyond excited when I learned of the proposed Tesla superchargers in Jasper! I've been there a few times, but sadly not since buying my Model 3. It is simply not feasible to drive there with the only charging options being a few slow destination chargers. Instead Ive only been able to spend time in Banff due to the proximity to SC's in both Golden, BC and Canmore, AB. I know many Tesla owners would make the trip to Jasper from far beyond Alberta if there was a SC located there - myself included. I will be back in Banff in August making the drive from the Seattle area. I was so hoping the Jasper SC would be a reality by then. I really miss the beauty up there. Please proceed so I can return in my Tesla!