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Support Tesla’s Proposal for a Supercharger in Jasper, AB
by Engage Tesla
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  • Santiago

    We're a family with 2 young girls (3.5 and 1.5 as of today) from San Diego, CA. Last summer we got our 2018 Tesla Model X and drove all the way to Jasper! We spent a week there and really loved it. You have a beautiful country!! We really took advantage of the Fairmont and Sawridge hotels hospitality for our charging (, but we really missed some side trips around the area due to the slow charging. We even had to last minute cancel a cabin reservation in Pocahontas due to the lack of fast charging stations in Jasper. Slow charging is sometimes just too slow when you have two very young kids with you. We're thinking on going again, hopefully this year and those new supercharger stations will be key in allowing us to increase our exploring area. We would appreciate your consideration in this proposal. Thank you!!