Hi, I own a M3. I live in Victoria, BC. I have relatives and friends in Edmonton. Currently in order to travel to Edmonton, I take H1 through Calgary and up to Edmonton. The Rogers Pass is a difficult route with major altitude changes and harrowing accident record. I dislike it. The Yellowhead is very much lower altitude, flatter and shorter by 110 km or so. No electric car can travel on it currently. I would travel on it when the Covid19 thing is over if I could supercharge in a few locations. Kamloops is the end of Supercharging on the route until Edmonton city. Get going, I would come and stay in Kamloops and Jasper. Done it many times in ICE cars, but I won't buy gas from anyone at this time. Just can't do it. Jasper get going on this, time is ticking. Phil Makin (Happy M3 owner since March 2019).