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Support Tesla’s Proposal for a Supercharger in Jasper, AB
by Engage Tesla
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  • emiliano

    Living in Edmonton, I frequently visit National Parks. Since I got my Tesla, two years ago, I drove twice to Jasper, and about ten times to Banff, as I can Supercharge on the way there. Driving an EV in a National Park is a great experience. Not only we are not polluting the air, as we can be very quiet, not disturbing the wildlife. I camped at the Wapiti Campground in Jasper once and stayed at a hotel where I could charge overnight the other time. Jasper is beautiful, and I want to explore it as much as I did to the south part of the Rockies. Considering that I can charge in up to 40 minutes in a Supercharger station, instead of 8 hours at the Campground or a Level 2 Charger in the Hotel, today, Jasper is not the first place I go for adventures, but that would definitively change with the implementation of this new Supercharger station. I hope the city of Jasper approves this project. Tesla owners are waiting for this day for a long time.

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