Realizing Jasper is lagging behind in EV charging infrastructure is the first step toward fulfilling Parks Canada's mandate: "protect and present nationally significant examples of Canada's natural and cultural heritage". The best example the Town of Jasper can set is to construct world-class Supercharger station (as well as other DC fast chargers) for sustainable transport. On average, I visited Jasper from Calgary 3~4 times a year. However, ever since getting a Tesla Model 3, I've reduced my visits simply due to the fact that it lacks a fast charger. Yes, there are a couple slow L2 charger, and I stayed at the Wapiti campsite where there is TT-30 or 50 Amps outlet. However, compared to other towns next to National Parks (Canmore, Golden, West Yellowstone, Jackson) where there are Tesla Superchargers, charging is an issue in Jasper and should be remedied ASAP. I sincerely hope Jasper will allow Tesla Supercharger to be constructed this year. After all, we are in year 2020 and Jasper would be a laughing stock if it refuses to construct EV fast charger.

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