My Recent Camping trip location choice was limited by availability of Supercharger in the Camping area. I had to choose a place where I can charge my M3 for coming back home, so I decided Golden, BC for the Camping trip. We wanted to Go to Jasper, the superchange facility in Canmore, Edmonton, Golden can not cover the to & fro driving to Jasper. Jasper is a World class Tourism destination and many people from the neighbouring cities such as calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver go for a joy ride every year. Having a supercharger facility in this location will fill in the missing supercharging link in the western Canada Rocky Mountains area. On the other Note, Does Tesla have any Plan to tie up Charging facility with any Fast Food Chains such as Mcdonalds, Tim horton, A&W etc? Keeping a couple of Superchange station at one of the fast food Chain will benefit fast food restaurant owners and Tesla owners as well. Regards Manoranjan Haobam Calgary Canada