Hello, Carmen here from Red Deer, Alberta. As a Tesla owner, our Tesla is the only vehicle we take out of town and normally there are ample superchargers in main travel routes, but getting to Jasper is a bit of an issue with nearest supercharger being in Edmonton. Currently we head to Canmore area as there is a supercharger there which is convenient when traveling to the mountains for a quick getaway. Many superchargers have been installed across the TransCanada highway, but the stretch to Jasper is limiting off TransCanada. With the greater demand for EV charging, and more purchasing EV's, I believe the current lack of supercharging prevents EV owners from visiting. Most who enjoy going to the mountains appreciate the natural surroundings, and EV owners are usually nature lovers. Having a Tesla supercharger available gives the message that EV owners patronage is valued and that the Town of Jasper is forward thinking when it comes to innovative CO2 reducing transportation.