My name is Ian Harrison, I live in St. Albert, AB. I absolutely support the construction of a Supercharger in Jasper. I (along with my family) enjoy hiking and enjoying the natural beauty the parks. Right now we can not take day trips (or even weekend trips conveniently). Adding a supercharger in Jasper (and possibly another on the Yellowhead between Edmonton and Jasper - say Edson) would let me visit Jasper without having to take my ICE minivan. I must admit I haven't visited Jasper since I got the Tesla since I don't enjoy driving anything else and the Tesla just won't make it there on a single charge (never mind back). When I visited Canmore and Lake Louis the ability to be silent and in the middle of nature was breathtaking and added so much to the experience - never mind the peace of mind of knowing that we are being responsible with the environment while enjoying nature.

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